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Matt Denise guitarist and singer shares his heart and soul with high energy, sincerity and groove. He incorporates big hooks and insightful lyrics with a stripped down rawness. Years of experience as Lead Guitarist and Vocalist have lead to a powerful display of gutsy guitar grooves in addition to a gritty yet soulful vocal presentation. With his burning passion, Matt continues to draw on his talent and limitless drive to produce songs that ignite the spirit and fire the imagination.

Ballads like Worthwhile, inspired by a friend’s suicide to Spellbound, a heart thumping lusty rock n’ roll tune  are a testament to his range and versatility.

He brings a freshness and vibrancy to Perfect Kelvin that had one reviewer call him a “gifted lyricist” and a “polished diamond.”

In 2010, moved by the dedication and sacrifice of the country’s troops he wrote and recorded “Unknown Soldier,” as a tribute to their patriotism. The song was featured on radio stations across the country.

Matt has had years of experience as lead guitarist and vocalist playing with bands in clubs all over the East Coast and wants to “Go where no man has gone before to live long and prosper, Bones.” J


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